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Arizona Red Dress Society
2022 Angel Awards Project

Hi I'm Angelina Musik, creator of the Red Dress Society Angel Awards Project.

In 2009, I was asked by a philanthropist if there was a way to sift the authentic non-profits and social enterprises from the imposters who con people out of their money or are incompetant as a social cause only funding themselves! I responded with the design, strategy and launch of the Red Dress Society Angel Awards project.

Those nominated will compete by campaigning for their cause enterprisingly. From the collection of client stories, which evidence what they do works to providing an offering supporters can benefit from instead of JUST writing checks.

The process is as such:

1 - nominate a local non-profit or social enterprise you personally know you wish to see greater supported for the outcomes they currently achieve.

2 - after researching them, if they qualify, I will notify them about their Nomination. There is NO COST for them to go through this process.

3 - if THEY accept, they will submit content to help create their Social Cause PR page for their next step.

4 - their Social Cause PR web page will be web broadcast or syndicated across the U.S. to help build visibilty and credibilty.

5 - their URL report of this online broadcast which evidence the authoritative backlinks to their website recognized by the search engines.

6 - then the first to recieve the PR page are the recipients of their services who share their stories as part of this process.

7 - then each social cause nominated made invite existing and new supporters to chime in this process to help authenticate them.

8 - there will be an option soon for supporters to contribute to each social cause nominated.

9 - once the process has ended, nominees who survivced the process will meet each other at a Red Dress Society & Black Tie Awards Event

10 - Angel Awards will be announced and celebrated for 2022.

Nominate Your Social Warrior who has evidenced their cause!